GHSA On-Line Rules Clinic & Exam for 2022-2023

The online rules clinic for Football is scheduled for July 30 – Aug 19, 2022.

The online rules clinic for Flag Football is scheduled for Sept 16 – Oct 6, 2022.

In order to receive credit for GHSA online rules clinics, you must navigate to, and register on this site. This registration is a one-time process - available clinics can be viewed once this is completed. Once you complete a clinic, you will be able to verify that you have received credit and be able to download a certificate showing clinic completion.

The On-Line Rules Exam dates for Football are Aug 4 – Aug 19, 2022.

The On-Line Rules Exam dates for Flag Football are Sept 21 – Oct 6, 2022.

The site for the exam is:

You will login to the exam site using your last name and the last five (5) digits of your Social Security Number. GHSA is using the information given to them by our association secretary, so if you have problems logging into the site, please ask your secretary how your name and last five (5) digits were given to us for registration. Only currently registered officials will be able to take the test.

Please try to take the test as early in the time frame as possible. If you attempt to take the test near the deadline, you must start the test with enough time to finish before midnight on the examination deadline. After the deadline has passed, you will be unable to answer any further questions and the test will be scored at that point.

Warning - You cannot log out of the testing system and then log back in later in order to try to suspend the test timer - the timer does not stop during that time. Please ensure that you have enough time to complete the test before starting.

Revised Intentional Grounding, Chop Block Rules

Revised Intentional Grounding, Chop Block Rules
2022 High School Football Rules Changes

By NFHS on February 17, 2022

A new rules exception that allows a passer to intentionally throw an incomplete forward pass for the purpose of conserving yardage, and the redefining of the term “chop block” – both of which are intended to minimize risk of injury – are the two most notable rules changes coming to high school football for the 2022 season.

2022 Corky Kell Classic

The 31st Annual Georgia Construction Corky Kell Classic will kick off the 2022 GHSA football season with a four-day, 10-game lineup that will take place at four separate locations from Aug. 17-20. Three straight days of double-headers, which will all be first-ever meetings between programs, will start on Wednesday and will lead up to a four-game marathon of Class 7A matchups at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday. All games have been televised on PeachtreeTV the last three years and early this year more than 250,000 viewers tuned into the games.

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